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Pacific Packaging Pte Ltd is a vast array of food related products. Our catalogue comprises of quality paper or plastic merchandise for business or leisure purposes.

Food & Beverage Products (PSP Foam trays, plates and boxes)
Choose from our wide range of paper, plastic or foam disposable plates designed for food catering, parties or functional use. Our PSP foam trays; available in various sizes, are ideal for food or fruit packaging.

Cups (EPS Foam, plastic or paper cups)
Our cups are available in various design and colour, with the option of customizable printing according to your specifications.

Microwareable Products (PP Microwareable product series)
All our PP Microwareable food grade products are suitable for use in a microwave oven within the temperature range of 100°C and available in different sizes. You may also choose from our range of specially designed compartmentalized containers.

Paper & Plastic Products (Food Packaging Solutions)
Our range of products consists of:
- Plastic sealing and strapping machines available in various sizes.
- BOPP Tapes and paper masking tape.
- Disposable plastic and vinyl gloves.
- Disposable plastic table cloth, plastic aprons & rain coats.
- Poly net ideal for packing of fresh fruits, onions, garlic and other dry foodstuff.

Packaging Products (Hygienic food wrapping paper and packaging boxes) We offer customization along with the standard types, sizes of food and beverage packing boxes. This is also applicable to our food wrapping paper range that is available with the standard greaseproof surface or laminate of low-density polyethylene (LDPE).

Cutleries and Other Products (Cutleries and other utensils)
Listed below is the range of products that we carry
- Standard 5" fork, teaspoon, stirrer and Chinese spoon.
- Standard 7" Western knife, fork and spoon.
- Standard saucer plate.
All listed products are available in standard opaque white or transparent.

Packing Bags for general use and rubber bands
Our plastic bags come in the standard sizes with customizable zip-zap or self-adhesive tape. We also carry rubber bands that can be used for general packing purposes.
- OPS transparent containers
- Our high quality containers are safe for packing sandwiches, fruits, cakes, sushi etc.
- Drinking straws
- Our range of drinking straws comes in either the straight or flexible type.